Alchemy is a part of IBM Watson Group. Alchemy API having ability to explore computer’s ability to understand to human language and vision. As compare to Wikipedia, alchemy API can has processed 5000 times more web pages. With this feature, you can perform sentiment analysis, keyword extraction, image tapping, entity extraction and much more on massive volumes of web pages, document tweet, photos that produced every second. Alchemy API is present with their attributes type, relevance, count, and text. Alchemy API supports the concept of linked data which is generally the method of exposing, connecting and sharing and connecting data on web by dereference able URI’s.

Alchemy exists with many interesting features. One of the most interesting and unique features of Alchemy API is that you can analyze text and images. Alchemy API supports named entity, keyword and text extraction for not of one or two languages. It supports other languages also like French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish and Spanish. If we compare to Alchemy API with similar other API’S like Semantria, OpenCalais then its proves to be best among the two it provide such functionality that every user looking for just give it URL and it returns semantic result. It gives accurate result without any issue. It’s such functionality never been experienced with Semantria and OpenCalais.

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