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Apache Cordova (formerly called as PhoneGap) is a development framework of software from Adobe system, which is used to develop mobile applications. Cordoba is the platform that is used to create mobile apps using HTML, CSS and JS. Phonegap/Cordoba is one of the most popular cross-platform mobile application developers.

TrivialWorks builds cross platform mobile applications, using multiple frames Cordova. Our developers based PhoneGap app to use almost any mobile device capabilities such as accelerometer, camera, compass, contacts, geo-location, media, network, notification file (alert, noise and vibration) and deposit. We pride ourselves on being among best company in India for Cordova application development services.

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PhoneGap provides support for creating applications with native features despite being based on standard web technology, including Java, HTML and CSS. Developing applications using PhoneGap, developer does not need to have knowledge of mobile programming language but only web development like HTML, CSS and JScript. Being open source, PhoneGap framework has helped users save their time & money by implementing single code base for multiple platforms. Cordova allows developers to develop app using native resources of a device and can be access native functionality as cell phone with camera, messages, contacts, Location, network, notifications etc. . Apache Cordova is a low cost technology to build a mobile app because it relies on quality and multiple sets of features as well as providing the necessary tools to reduce the development time.

Cordova uses a set of APIs that allow developers access to native hardware devices using Javascript. When used in conjunction with an existing infrastructure of user interface it enables development of applications using absolutely zero native code. As an alternative, developers use web tools and can design an application using only HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Essentially, Cordova helps with building native application without using native code. Cordova offers a collection of plugin systems developers to build new capabilities in mobile applications such as native API integration with the phone's camera. The team of developers of applications for mobile SRIVYOM solutions provides mobile application development.

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