Mean Stack

Mean Stack is generally a collection of javascript based technologies which includes Angularjs, Node.js, MongoDB, Express.js. MEAN Stack in a new technology which is used for web development and it works on javascript. MEAN Stack is targeting every type of JavaScript developers from client and server site to databases. In a modern and with advancement in technology Mean Stack become most popular because of its common language. Developer can develop complete website by just knowing the Javascript and MongoDB stores the data in JSON format which maker easier for developers to access data everywhere. Trivial has highly experienced team across the stacks to develop scalable, high performance solutions that delivers exceptional user experience. We at trivial works with our deep knowledge and extensive experience build real-time application with Node.js and create UX rich front end with Angular.js

We at Trivial has worked with many start up and many big organization as well and successfully delivered robust, scalable MEAN Stack application as per their requirements. We have delivered many software ranging from small Angular JS driven web application to complex and real time application that leverages the power of AngularJS, MongoDB database.

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