Windows Azure

Window azure is a Microsoft service based Operating environment which is commonly known as cloud computing platform. As per survey report more than 60% of Fortune and 600 companies rely on Window Azure for infrastructure services, hybrid solutions and platform services. Window Azure is leading cloud platform that is both platform-as-a service and infrastructure –as-a-service and lets the user to experience with their great benefits. User can add web and database server on demand because of it dynamic scalability. With Real Time analytics and reporting we can get real time health and behavior of our application and can react and handle on demand. With the feature of Automatic Identity helps to simplifies your identity and can access management just by using single sign integrates with your on-premises directory. Window Azure helps to build window and linux virtual machines in a minute which provide support to your business needs.

We at Trivial Works with Window Azure develops a modern cloud Application and provides you on demand computing and storage resources. This will work best collaboration system, migrate application out of over taxed data centers and also run big data applications. As you all know well that Global, Modern and Connected business needs to be operated all the time 24X7 support across all different regions and all the time zones with unrivalled speed and dynamic scale. Microsoft Azure with its tools , resources and platform enables to build high availability and high performing application which is not only easy to use and manage but also highly secured. Trivial Works helps you to build modern organized and connected application that grasp existing IT investment by utilizing features and provide customers to experience top class services across multiple devices.

With Microsoft Azure our concern experienced team help you to expand your services to the areas where you don’t have your existing infrastructure you can easily add new service without much more infrastructure service. Our team provides you best application that run reliably and can scale from 10 to 10 million users without any much coding and complexities.

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