Trivial Team were having many years of experience in building application using MongoDB and other NoSQL Tools.MongoDB best fits for the project with very large amount of the data and it is well suited for Mobile application, real time application, e-commerce application,High traffic app, Social network, Document oriented system, Document and content management system and many more.

Trivial with their experienced and highly skilled team has implemented MongoDB solutions as an standalone applications or with integration to traditional relational databases. With MongoDB there would be no complex and time consuming mapping is needed and the data is get stored exactly same as it is represented by the program and this eliminate the complexity and results in overall faster application development cycle and also simplified task of app development. We can get efficient serialization format as MongoDB saves the data on BSON.

MongoDB is one of the popular open source NoSQL Document based database that enables enterprise applications to perform exceptionally well. It get supported across several platforms such as GNU Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, OSX Solaris. With MongoDB we can experience many more its ultimate features like full index support , built in replication Rich Queries, server side java script, auto sharing, document based queries express in JSON/ JavaScript , GridFS for storing files of any size, Geo-spatial indexing all these features reduces the complexity to great extent when it is compared to traditional Relational Database Management System. Well-designed MongoDB is flexible powerful scalable and we here at Trivial works helps you to implement in your application.

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