MS SQL Server

MS SQL server is relational database management system that supports large variety of transaction processing, business Intelligence and analytic application in corporate IT environment. In Today’s competitive and fast growing environment demand for comprehensive data management platform has been increased that delivers highly efficient businesses. Microsoft sql server provides comprehensive database management platform for integration, management and operation of relational data. Extraction, transformation, loading, analytical processing and reporting of data is also designed which is required for most demanding enterprise applications.

At Trivial you can find a team of highly experienced and passionate database professionals, who with their years of experience and great knowledge can provide you exceptional SQL database service for all major versions of Microsoft SQL servers. Our team provide you load balances, disaster recovery strategies, and highly effective maintenance plans that provide support to your critical databases. Microsoft SQL provides number of services which includes data integration services, SQL server installation and upgrade, business intelligence and data ware house, performance tuning, Best practice audit and deployment, architecture consulting and capacity planning. All these functionality make it more popular and help organization and enterprise of any size to build, deploy and manage enterprise application and make it more secure, scalable, reliable.

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