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Tower Tools
Tower Tools

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It can be used for any Carrier, allows Tower Top Tech to take photos for closeout package from any of the iPhone devices. The App auto-labels photos and places those in folders Alpha, Beta, Gamma. Each picture is tagged with GPS Tag, Date and Time stamp. It also allows the CM/PM or Foreman to view the photos live as they are being taken. With the website login the CM/PM or Foreman can Approve or Reject the Photos Live therefore the Tower Tech can correct onsite instead of needed return trips for missing or unclear photos needed for closeout. With the Web interface once site is complete by Pressing the button Download Photos it will auto Download to the desktop of the CPU being used and create a Folder for the site with sub folders Alpha,Beta,Gamma,and Ground with all photos labeled. So its an essential tool for all the professionals working in this field. User must setup Demo at

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