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Real State

We at Trivialworks are here to take over your technology management functions so that you can focus on your own business. We have reached to a level of excellence by achieving the satisfaction of our customers for the task they have trusted us with. We help the Real Estate Business to digitize and raised your business steadily up the ladder of popularity as a wise and powerful solution. In Today's competitive marketplace, you need to go beyond displaying your services in order to beat your competitor’s and we are here to help you grow more. We help you to use advanced technological solutions that foster to reach in the industry.

Trivialworks helps you to build closer relationships with the customer’s to achieve your business goals. Our business solutions enable you to synchronize your offline results with our online results like: property finder, search apartment online directories, EMS solutions for real estate companies, to harness better results. We develop mobile applications as well as portals wherein you can showcase your properties and can connect with prospective buyers. We build software solutions that can be accessed across multiple platforms enabling you to expand your customer reach in the best possible manner.

We capacitate your sales process by analyzing customer behavior by formulating trend analysis and statistical reports. We aim to simplify the process of scheduling inspections and synchronizing your offline business to online actions so that overall efficiency of your business is increased. Also, we encompass the admin panel which automates your business system.

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