Tensor Flow

Tensor Flow

Tensors are simply arrays of functions or numbers that transform according to certain specific rules under a change of coordinates. Tensor Flow is an open source software library for numerical computation using data flow graphs. It is designed with deep learning in mind but it application is applicable to solve much higher and wider level of problems. It is supported of multiple platforms.

Trivialworks use Tensor flow as it provides extensive suite of functions and classes that allow users to build various models from scratch. Tensor Flow provides their users flexible, and high performing serving systems for machine learning models. Tensors generally designed for production environment. In Tensors, deployment of new algorithm and experiments more easily while keeping the same server architecture and API’s.

We at Trivialworks lead you to experience with unique ability of it. Tensor Flow has an ability to perform partial subgraph computation. This feature basically allows partitioning of neural network so as to make distributed training possible.

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