Why Business App in Windows ?

TrivialWorks provides consulting, design & development services on Windows Phone. We have expertise in building mobile solutions for Windows Phone 8.1 / Windows Phone 8 / Windows Phone 7 with deep focus in building Windows Phone solutions with a high UX/UI.

Windows Phone share is increasing among the leading operating systems growing at 4.2%. Having finalized its acquisition of Nokia in the spring of 2014, Microsoft relied primarily on a long list of entry-level Lumia devices to maintain.

To create a rich GUI we used HTML5, CSS3, XML, and XSLT. We make sure that our framework had the necessary provisions so that it could easily include new elements within the surveys.

We developed a delivery model that consist of three phases:

  • Establish your Android development and publishing environment.

  • Knowledge Transfer: OptimusMobility conducted a technical review of the client’s existing application focusing on its functionality and any issues that arose.

  • Development: We began development of the required modifications. Throughout this phase frequent web meetings with the client were held to ensure quality results.

  • Minimize device fragmentation issues.

  • Delivery The test code was demonstrated to the client via simulations from Windows Mobile SDK.

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