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Amazon Web Services offers reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services. Explore the benefits of cloud computing Real-Time Analytics, Enterprise Real Time Data, Modern Data Monitoring for Instant Visibility

Amazon Web Services is a series of cloud computing platform offered by Amazon. It drives, implicit computing resources for a large scale, decentralized deployment of a service offering great deal of flexible functions and scalability along with storage solutions. Regardless of your industry, the platform offers you to store content in the cloud, build a static website, locate a web application, run data-and compute-intensive workloads and also build dependable backup solutions.

Trivialworks tackles the powers of AWS Cloud Computing to build a unique offer that integrates flexibility, scalability, and potential of Amazon’s robust cloud platform. We offer you the best solutions for Amazon Elastic map reduce (EMR), Amazon Elastic compute cloud (EC2), Amazon Lambda (LAMBDA), Amazon dynamoDB, Amazon glacier, Amazon elastic block store (EBS), Amazon simple storage device (S3) etc. Under Amazon Web Services, we can work on Elastic Computing, Elastic Map Auto-Scaling Services, Elastic Block Storage, Relation DB Services, Load Balancing Services, Virtual Private Cloud, CloudWatch, Simple DB, Simple Storage Service and Simple Queue Services. Our services include data backup, content delivery, media hosting and much more. We manage hosting of your application or solution at Amazon servers.

We provide a comprehensive range of AWS Cloud Services, from consulting and strategizing your environment, to technical implementation, and configuration, to 24×7 proactive management and support. Our web portal helps customers in procuring AWS cloud services with new, enhanced benefits and to efficiently manage user access to Amazon Web Services in a centralized manner. This portal offer institutions with core administrative facilities and offers additional benefits helpful in managing budgeting and control costs.

Trivialworks offers highly secure, scalable and enhanced AWS Cloud Computing services that simplifies processes and increases efficiency for your business. Our team of top AWS developers have been harnessing AWS dashboard templates like Amazon EC2 that allows resizable compute capacity in the cloud – empowering complete control of computing resources, while allowing you to run on Amazon’s proven computing environment. Experience high-end Amazon Cloud Services at Trivialworks from real-time server monitoring, AWS Mobile Services, AWS Application deployment services, AWS Business apps solutions to Backup, storage and Disaster Recovery. Meet our team of professional programmers to get the best of AWS advantage that delivers for your business.

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AWS Web Application

Our team assists businesses to upgrade their traditional legacy applications using AWS Cloud Technologies to modernize current on premise applications.

AWS Mobile Application

With our AWS services you get wide-ranging features helpful in developing mobile apps scaling to hundreds to millions of users and reach global audiences.

AWS Migartion Solutions

With us you can easily move from data from one platform to AWS server with the help of our AWS migration solutions and you can remain assured with us regarding data security and protection during migration process.

AWS-Internet of Things

With AWS IoT you get an SDK helpful in easily and quickly connecting your hardware device or your mobile application. It allows your devices to connect, authenticate and exchange messages with AWS IoT

Deploy & Manage Services

With the help of our services you can enhance availability and governance and you get a single integrated console helpful in building, managing and monitoring simple and complex, web and cloud applications

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