Database Development Services

We design & develop Custom Database Development services, geo-databases and database management (DBMS), support, maintenance, administration, integration to automate tasks database performance and reduce costs thus streamlining the operations, save resources & maximize growth.

At Trivialworks you can find a team of highly experienced and passionate database professionals, who with their years of experience and great knowledge can provide you exceptional SQL database service for all major versions of Microsoft SQL servers. Our team provide you load balances, disaster recovery strategies, and highly effective maintenance plans that provide support to your critical databases. Microsoft SQL provides number of services which includes data integration services, SQL server installation and upgrade, business intelligence and data ware house, performance tuning, Best practice audit and deployment, architecture consulting and capacity planning. All these functionality make it more popular and help organization and enterprise of any size to build, deploy and manage enterprise application and make it more secure, scalable, reliable.

Trivialworks Team were having many years of experience in building application using MongoDB and other NoSQL Tools.MongoDB best fits for the project with very large amount of the data and it is well suited for Mobile application, real time application, e-commerce application,High traffic app, Social network, Document oriented system, Document and content management system and many more.

Trivialworks with their experienced and highly skilled team has implemented MongoDB solutions as an standalone applications or with integration to traditional relational databases. With MongoDB there would be no complex and time consuming mapping is needed and the data is get stored exactly same as it is represented by the program and this eliminate the complexity and results in overall faster application development cycle and also simplified task of app development. We can get efficient serialization format as MongoDB saves the data on BSON.

SQLite is the most widely deployed database which is been used in various applications & high profile projects. It is an in-process library that implements a self-contained, server less, transactional SQL database engine. SQLite is an embedded SQL database engine. Trivialworks use SQLite because of its variant features. Using SQLite in software and applications increases application’s efficiency and flexibility and making it more reliable to use.

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In our database application development process, we aim to design an application that meets and goes beyond all user expectations.


We aim to provide secure data access only to those people you decide should see it. Securing your data at high, low or no access levels is a top priority for us, and we take this issue very seriously.


Our database application has a sole purpose: to protect the information it stores. Our database application must maintain the quality of data it stores.


Vulnerability evaluation and database audit.


We have years of experience in constructing high-performing databases by robust architecture, fine-tuned indexes, queries and transactions, and special techniques for data caching, clustering and load balancing.

Specialized Database Services

At Trivialworks, besides providing on-going database development in every web application development project we also offer services for specific database needs

Database Optimization and Refactoring

At Trivialworks, we know what to do when your database is suffering from critical performance or scalability issues. We can fix those issues and remove undue blockages.

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