Manufacturing Industry Solutions

Industry 4.0 is evolution to cyber-physical systems in manufacturing technology segment and it includes Internet of things, cloud computing and cognitive computing.

The digitization has led to another Industrial revolution in manufacturing sector which is making a major transformation in the Industry. As a result, the responsiveness of the entire supply chain, including design, manufacturing, volumes, and re-work and throughout life service provisions is elevated. Industry is all about optimization—smart, flexible supply chains, factories and distribution models where machines capture and convey more data via machine-to-machine communications and to human operators. All this aims to enable businesses to make quicker, smarter decisions, all while minimizing costs.

Trivial Works leverages its experience and insight to develop specialized solutions, drive product innovation, cost savings, supply chain efficiencies and improved time-to-market which allow you to improve efficiency, scale rapidly and realize the quality and reliability you expect—at the most effective cost. From large amounts of information we hybrid the Big Data analytics to gain insights of the problem areas and take corrective measures to automate business operations. This real-time exchange of inputs and information has quickened the pace of our manufacturing clientele thus mitigated risks.

Digital Transformation for Manufacturing Companies
  Manufacturing Inventory Software
  Bill of Material Software
  Capacity planning Software
  Production scheduling Software
  Process Manufacturing Software
  Manufacturing Accounting System
  Supply Chain Management Software
  Job Shop Software
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