Internet of Things (IOT)

Helping You Discover the Smarter World

Internet of things is the concept uniting everyday objects using a medium called internet. Nowadays almost every electronic device from our day to day life has access to the internet and being controlled over through a medium which is none other than our smart phones.

IOT involves extending Internet connectivity beyond standard devices, such as desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets, to any range of traditionally dumb or non-internet-enabled physical devices and everyday objects. Embedded with technology, these devices can communicate and interact over the Internet, and they can be remotely monitored and controlled.

Why IOT for your business?

Helps in efficient and effective decision-making.
Improves understanding of customer wants and needs.
Continual data analysis and reactivity.
Provides simple solution to tedious process.
Helps you to stay out of competition.
Faster delivery to customers by means of improved communication across all areas of business.
Production cycle times are more efficient due to greater automation, allowing the human workforce to focus on the other areas of business.
By 2020, over 30 billion devices (such as: computers, tablets, cell phones, wearable tech, and smart assistants) will be in everyday usage, allowing for exponential methods of connecting to customers.
How IoT is being integrated into life?
Smart Lifestyles: From wearable tech such as Fitbits to home automation like fridges that can tell you when you’re out of milk, IoT has the potential to revolutionize personal lives. This allows more direct marketing to customers by means of their smart life connected devices.
Smart Workplaces: Effortlessly connected retail stores, offices and the potential for enhanced remote working are all conceivable realities with thorough IoT integration. Collect, store, analyse and act upon data, delivering improved results.
Smart Industries: From healthcare to utilities, the IoT has revolutionized as to how businesses interact with one another and with their customer base.
How Trivial Works’ IoT solutions can empower businesses?
Improving Interbusiness Communications: Our simple, data-driven solutions allow departments to communicate with one another efficiently, avoid costly delays and reduce the need for time-consuming human debate.
Operations and Logistics: We build IoT Apps to improve your operations and thus allow delayed timescales to become a thing of the past. Our App manage every process with effortless communication, problems are identified and fixed in record time thereby increasing customer satisfaction due to the streamlining of the order and delivery process.
Reducing Costs: Our IoT App Solutions allow you to monitor your business costs like utility bills so that you are able to identify areas where you can make savings. With the help of smart technology there is a greater control over expenditure, and can identify areas where you can make savings.
Consistent Monitoring: Our IoT App Solutions are designed to monitor themselves, thereby free up human resources for other projects. Not only a fault is found quickly, but also the system is empowered to repair itself rather than demanding human attention.
Our Process for IoT App Development

We have devised a process that helps you in achieving your IoT Goals

Ideate: Our expert team listens to your idea even if you are not clear about it. It then organizes the idea in the most practical manner that will be helpful to the customers.
Prototype: Once the requirement gathering is done, we deliver an ideology or sample that gives you a clear picture of what will be connected and where.
Planning: As soon as we are done with the above two steps and have the strategy ready, we start working on constructing the project followed by the design and development process that is undertaken by the expert IoT development team.
Testing: We have a strong testing team that helps in testing the development quality of our work and get the assurance done.
Monitor: At this stage we take care of the application and monitor the results. Based on that we provide suggestions and improvements that needs to be done.
Our Offerings as IoT Service Company

IOT: Right from automating industry to smart wearables, IoT has touched every aspects of our lives. Generally, IoT enables the collaboration of software and hardware with the help of internet. Trivial Works offer solution to its partners in different sectors.

Agriculture: IoT has already made a way for productive cultivation right from raising livestock economically with the help of sensors that can be installed seamlessly without any trouble. Data is then gathered from these sensors delivers rapid useful insights that are merely boon to today’s farmers. Our IoT App solution coupled with the farming helps in supervising machineries and other asserts.
Wearables & Healthcare Devices: Health care is one such domain that makes use of IoT faster than any other industries in market. Unimaginable updates and upgrades are urging the health care domain for executing advanced treatments. We offer IoT App solution to healthcare integrated with wearables which can help in fitness tracking, remote health monitoring, patients’ surveillance, care of the elderly and the disabled, fall detection and so on that brings remarkable alteration in the way you treat the sufferer.
Home Security & Smart Homes: Smart home is the leading IoT use case. We can create smart home applications featured with remote control for smart electronics, room temperature control and home security that can monitor and prevent any intrusions and unauthorized entries.
Personal Asset Tracking: From smart phone tracking to GPS pet tracking and tracking any asset you want to, we can help you to create these demanding solutions. Asset tracking solutions enable and allow to track anything at all, also over longer distances where IoT coverage is present for low power wide area networks (LPWAN).

AWS IOT: Trivial Works leverages the power of the AWS® IoT Platform services to deliver value added IoT solutions quickly. With strong backing of AWS IoT components, we are able to help customers to deliver new business models driven by real-time data, release IoT products which improve over time, operate at increased efficiency and carry out intelligent decision making. Our expertise in

AWS Core Services:

Build services: AWS IoT SDK and AWS IoT Core
Analytics at the edge: AWS GreenGrass, AWS Rule Engine
Web Interface and Media Streaming Video on Demand: Amazon CloudFront
Digital Twins: AWS Thing Shadows
Compute services: Amazon EC2
Storage and Archive services: Amazon S3 & Glacier
Data Ingestion: Amazon Kinesis
Database: Amazon RDS, Amazon Redshift
Predictable and Scalable NoSQL Data: Amazon DynamoDB
Build, Deploy and Manage API: Amazon API Gateway
User Identity and Data Synchronization: Amazon Cognito
Response to Events: AWS Lambda
Environment Monitoring: Amazon CloudWatch
Message Queue Management: Amazon SQS and others…
AWS IoT Device Management: allows easy addition and organization of devices. The service ensures secure and scalable performance with the possibilities of monitoring, troubleshooting and updating the device functionality.
AWS IoT Analytics: providing a service for automated analytics of large amounts of various IoT data, including unstructured data from different types of devices. The data gathered and processed by the service is ready for use in machine learning.
AWS IoT Device Defender: supporting the configuration of security mechanisms for the IoT systems. AWS IoT Device Defender enables the setup and management of security policies controlling device authentication and authorization, as well as providing encryption mechanisms.
Cloud based Analytics of IOT Technologies: Cloud hosting has become a wide-spread and generally appreciated method of developing and running various technology solutions, and here IoT, directly depending on Internet, definitely benefits from all the advantages of cloud computing. Special cloud-based IoT platforms support the Internet-based functions of the application – running, maintenance, analytics, data storage, and security measures. No matter what kind of cloud-based project you may have in mind, with an almost 100% probability, Trivial Works help customers to deliver new business models driven by real-time data, release IoT products which improve over time, operate at increased efficiency and carry out intelligent decision making.
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