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Trivialworks offers Best React Native App Development Developers and Services for Android and iOS in India & USA. Hire react native developers to build high-quality mobile apps with React Native Framework App Development, build Cross-platform Native Apps for Android & iOS Mobile Platforms!

Trivialworks has immense experience in developing dynamic & custom applications using React Native. We have been industry leaders in client specific software development for over 5 years now and have track record of creating world-class products. React Native is the latest platform that is equipping innovators across the world and we are the answer to your React Native developmental needs.

React Native is a framework developed by Facebook. With React Native, you aren’t building a “mobile web app” or even a “hybrid app.” This framework allows you to create real mobile applications identical to an application built using Swift or Java. The same fundamental UI building blocks used by iOS and Android are used by React Native. These building blocks are just put together using JavaScript and React.

React Native is the next generation of React, a JavaScript code library developed by Facebook and Instagram, which was released on GitHub in 2013. As the matter of fact, developing native apps for Android and the iOS platform is a tedious task as both of them are two entirely different ecosystems.

To develop an application in iOS, you will be required to have sound knowledge of Objective-C or Swift along with Cocoa Touch. On the other hand, Android apps demand to have knowledge of Java and Android SDK. Bearing the pain, you will need to stay updated with the latest features of two major ecosystems. React Native is the answer to this conundrum.

Apps made in React Native have a similar UI as that of Android and iOS App. Because of the same fundamentals and use of JavaScript, the resulting mobile app is much fast. As much as people confuse these apps with hybrid apps, the truth is one gets to build an actual app that is fully equipped with exceptional features. Moreover, a single React Native code is usable for both iOS and Android seamlessly that saves up a lot of development time.

Hire Dedicated React Native App Developers

As a leading App development company, Trivialworks offers React Native based iOS and Android apps development services which enables to create state of the art solution and help businesses to market their products and services globally in no time.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

MVP refers a fully workable product with a minimal set of characteristics. React Native development is truly ideal for such scenario. It enables low-cost development project with powerful performance. It is really one of the finest ways to get through the Build-Measure-Learn feedback loop with the limited amount of effort.

Quick Support & Maintenance

We understand every mobile app requires regular updates and quick bug resolution services to ensure a positive market reputation. Hire React Native app development services from us as we believe in developing a long-term business relationship with our clients.


Server-Side APIs for Mobile

Mobile App is the need of the hour. It processes dynamic and real-time data effectively and developers need to integrate solid back-end support to provide the desired customer experience. Hire React Native Developer from us as we provide you highly secure, and adaptable server-side APIs to bring all the benefits of solid mobile apps.

Get Personalized Services with us

Being the market leader in mobile app development industry, our prime objective is to provide premium quality services in every phase of React Native services. You can share your personalized need with us and hire our dedicated professionals depending on your product development strategy.

Future Proof Your Product

We invest in keeping abreast of new technologies, React Native being one of them. Our engineers can consult you on the best language, library and frameworks for your product.

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Cross Platform Ability

React Native supports multiple platforms with utmost ease. React Native APIs are cross-platform which enables seamless working across Android & iOS.


Even to those unfamiliar with React, it is easily readable. Many frameworks require you to learn an extensive list of concepts which are only useful within the framework. React strives to do the opposite.

On the Go Updates

Native Apps behave like web apps and do not require play tore permissions to release new updates. It is more user-friendly in every manner possible.

Declarative style

declarative programming, developers tell an application what they are trying to achieve. While with imperative programming, a developer has to specify exactly how to do it. In this style of programming you have less flexibility in how things occur but being able to describe the state reduces the possibility of bugs drastically.

Faster Development

Due to a vast library of React components available under open source, React Native applications for iOS and Android can be developed much faster when compared to other platforms.


It’s simple to drop down to native code if you need to optimize a few aspects of your application. It’s also easy to build part of your app in React Native, and part of your app using the native code directly.


Native app development usually means inefficiency, slower time to deployment, and less developer productivity. React Native is all about bringing high speed, responsiveness, and agility of web app development along with effectual processing and best user experience to the hybrid space, to provide your users with a native app experience.

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