Unleash Innovation to Transform Businesses via Mobile Apps!

An app idea is one of the most surprising things in mobile app arena. From Ideation to Development and Launch, Trivialworks delivers everything, no matter how diverse or complex your mobility needs are. So far, we have innovated around 150+ apps ranging from Startups to Enterprises.

Mobility is one of the most disruptive technology innovations faced by enterprises nowadays. Mobile devices have left way behind PCs in the so called ‘arms’ race. Through mobile devices, employees, partners, customers are able to reach out and access your business products and services. Mobile devices have evolved from merely providing enterprise email and data to introducing applications and services which are having the potential to change the way companies do business. Mobility has the ability to help companies leverage contextual data while reaching out to their customers in a more effective way. In the current ecosystem, it has become very essential for corporations to align business processes with mobility. Mobility also fits neatly with other booming technologies like cloud and Big Data and is guiding the way companies function today. In most cases, the rise of mobility has given birth to completely new business models and are leaving behind traditional players. Enterprise mobility is a key factor of business digital transformation.

Organizations have to upgrade their outdated IT policies and adapt more agile models in order to maximize the potential of enterprise mobility. BYOD, EMM, Pay-per-use prices, freemium models are some of the new ways that businesses are responding to the rising mobility.

Trivial Works offers a complete range of Enterprise Mobility Services from visualising and business consulting to intellectual property-based mobile technology solutions, mobile-based business solutions, enterprise mobility management solutions and industry-focused mobility solutions for the Banking, Life Sciences, Retail, Transportation, Agriculture, Healthcare, Automotive, Telecom & Manufacturing verticals and mobile technology services (mobile application development and maintenance, mobile application validation services).

Backed by strong domain and technical expertise, our Enterprise Mobility Services include connecting devices, applications, people and processes that drive towards mobile-empowered business. We drive enterprises strategically implement and use Mobility Consulting, App Engineering, BYOD, EMM or leveraging emerging technologies like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, IoT to connect people and process that ultimately transforms businesses.

Our ultimate goal is helping enterprises leverage the complete potential of Enterprise Mobility. Our team of mobility experts implements Custom Mobility Solutions while working in full co-operation with your organization. We help you in defining your business processes and accelerate growth by designing effective Mobility Solutions. We strive to improve employee interaction and create flawless experiences for customers that having real-time engagements with the field force.

Our Enterprise Mobility solutions help your business models with sheer simplicity right from the process of managing the entire business model to transform the way business processes work. We ensure to serve you the right Enterprise Mobility Management Solution.

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