Dedicated Developer

Hand-pick Well Balanced And Experienced Software Development Team For Your Immediate & Long Term Needs.

Outsourcing has been a common practice for small and medium sized companies which are not able to afford their own developers. Hiring a dedicated developer team is quite similar to software outsourcing, however slight differences persist. Dedicated developer teams of different sizes and skills are generally available for any particular long-term project. Whatever might be your plan to design – be it a website, a mobile application or a game, with this model you have complete control over the process, as well as staying mobile in taking business decisions.

Moreover, it is a kind of software outsourcing that is quite appropriate for large and long-term projects with a consistent workload. This Dedicated team model is a combination of affordable costs, high skills along with commitment. Basically, it implies hiring a dedicated team of specialists to execute a job, staying completely dedicated to it till it finishes. It is good for customers who have a clear vision of the kind of investment they are doing and who know the workflow and the risks involved. It is usually the safest and efficient structure for software development projects. A dedicated team works as if they are your own employees. Finally, the bottom line lies in skills, focus and discipline. Trivial Works enables you to hire a team of dedicated developers on contractual basis for your project. We completely understand that recruitment is a painful process as well as expensive. Moreover, retaining top talent in the organization is an equally difficult process. We take the charge of taking away the pain from you along with providing cost effective solutions to develop your products & projects. We provide you a team of resources that works exclusively for you from our facilities.

Our team of dedicated software developers work exclusively for a single client, one project at a time, and cover the most widely used technologies such as PHP, C#, JavaScript, .NET, Java, iOS, Android and embedded development (C++). While hiring you also benefit from Senior Architects that can lead you into quick problem resolutions. Having a profound and ample experience, our software programmers help businesses accelerate crucial parts of their software’s features and releases and eventually increase revenue.

On the productivity side, our dedicated team of web and mobile developers follow the best practices of agile development (Scrum, Kanban or XP method depending on client needs) and use the top-of-the-line Atlassian project management tools.

On the development front, our work is being pushed to dev servers on a daily basis all for easy access to you & your team. Our team of Dedicated Developers have exceptional hold on English which enables a very smooth communication with customers. Moreover, our Dedicated Programmers are available at a fixed cost & can be signed up on a month-to-month contract with no obligations. Trivial Works can custom build your project right from the scratch or simply add more skilled people to your current project.

Summarizing all, a brilliant team of developers having fluency in communication, a passion for technology, and the combination of right experience for each project is what we make a great and talented dedicated developer.


Cost-effective hiring, effective development

It is quite a well-known fact that there is an astonishing cost difference between hiring a U. S. professional and an overseas professional. Hence a huge amount of money could be saved for companies that look out for downsizing. We make sure our developers provide the best technical competence combined with quality coding at a very reasonable cost.

Well experienced developers

6+ years in the business has given us the expertise in understanding your project’s requirements. Also, our developers are trained in the latest tools and technologies. Let us take care of all the technical requirements of hiring and supporting a development team.

Single solution to all hiring needs

Hire as many developers as you want in your team with a reasonable lead time or Scale down your team with a reasonable notice period without undergoing any administrative or legal complications while meeting a certain project deadline or budget.

Comprehensive Project Management and successful delivery

We help in getting timely delivery in accordance with agile project development environment. Here you can keep a track on the progress in real time basis. Our project managers will help you to efficiently command and control the developers. Also, they provide all kinds of status reports.

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