Windows Azure Cloud Migration Services

Move your applications to the cloud seamlessly with a solid cloud migration strategy. Discuss with us how an existing on-premise enterprise ASP.Net web application can be moved to Windows Azure Cloud, in PaaS and IaaS model.

What is Azure?

Azure is Microsoft's cloud platform. Its main competitors are Google Cloud and Amazon Web Service. It is a platform to use Microsoft’s resources. Microsoft Azure is equipped with virtual machines, fast processing of data, analytical and monitoring tools. So, it makes our work simpler. Azure price is simple. You just pay what you use.

Azure History

Microsoft unveiled about Azure in October 2008. It went live after February 2010. In 2014, its name was changed from Windows Azure to Microsoft Azure. Azure provides for .NET Services, SQL Services and Live Services. Microsoft Azure is getting bigger and better. More tools and functionality are getting added.

How does Azure help in business?

  • Less operational Cost: Azure has low cost as it runs on its servers. It is also reliable. Your information is stored on multiple servers, so information is more securely stored.

  • Cost-effective: If a company set its own server then, it needs to hire a tech team. Tech team can also take a lot of time to fix bugs. So in this way it’s cost-effective.

  • Recovery & Backup: Azure keeps backup of all the data. If there is a disaster, you can recover your data easily. This not only saves times but also avoid large investments.

  • Easy to implement: Azure helps you to easily implement a business model.

  • Increased collaboration: With Azure, teams can access, edit, and share documents from anywhere.

Microsoft Azure Services

Following are the services of Microsoft Azure:

  • Developer’s tools: Microsoft Azure includes cloud development services.

  • Security and Identity: It includes security center, Azure active directory, key vault and Multi-Factor Authentication service.

  • Internet of Things: Azure includes IoT Hub and IoT Edge services.

  • AI: Azure is developing an application with artificial intelligence capabilities, like the Computer Vision API, Face API, etc.

  • Data & Analytics: Azure has big data tools.

  • Web and mobile application: Creating web and mobile is easy. It includes services for building application.

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Azure Custom Development and Integration

Our develops customized Microsoft Windows Azure portals and applications and integrate them with a highly scalable cloud environment, to improve operational efficiency and improve the competency of the clients.

Windows Azure Cloud Service

Our dedicated developers have delivered a number of Azure Cloud-based projects to the clients worldwide. We help businesses exploit the scalability, speed, and other benefits that Azure offers, to gain competitive advantage.

Windows Azure Support

Our technical support team offers ongoing support and address the emerging issues to help clients run their businesses smoothly.

Windows Azure Data Migration

We efficiently migrate the existing apps and webs of the clients to the Windows Azure platform, ensuring reliable data backup, data integrity, and data security at every step of migration.

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