Software Testing

Trivialworks offer full-cycle testing by ensuring the deliverables meet the most stringent Quality Standards.

Disruptive platforms, time to market and ever-increasing market demands are inspiring vendors to constantly launch new products and functionalities. But at the same time, open source and commercial software have become highly vulnerable to security threats and numerous mobile platforms have increased the need of responsive apps and browser compatibility testing. As the user-base grows significantly, the applications feel the stress of load and thus face performance issues. Such scenarios make a compelling case to engage a reliable and well-established software testing company.

Software testing is an activity involving checks whether the actual results match the expected results and ensuring that the software is Defect free. This involves executing a software or system component evaluating one or more properties of interest. Software Testing is an important life cycle activity and an important validation step before a software goes live. Due to increasing complexities in applications and ever-changing organizational needs, effective software test management is gaining a lot of significance. This process requires great coordination unifying team effort as well as client requirements with latest testing tools and technology.

Nowadays enterprises are trying to discover unique ways to minimize their software testing cost. Simultaneously, they desire more efficient test strategies enhancing customer satisfaction, that can minimize business risk and the cost that meets industry standards and compliance guidelines.

Our test engineers work round the clock discovering bugs and errors way before your users can detect. Right from preparing a test plan and test cases to bringing together a certified testing team along with managing the testing process, our testing efforts are mainly focussed and directed to simplify your entire task. We collaborate with your team to instantly resolve the issues fast and deliver the users friction free experience.

Trivialworks has always come up to its client expectations be it an end-to-end testing activity, quality analysis project, a comprehensive testing-outsourcing project or an appraisal of an established QA process. We empower our customers with industry success of the testing project and thus enable greater return on investment. We not only use proprietary/commercial testing technologies but also adopt open source tools that provide innovative testing solutions for various applications that are being built using emerging technologies.

We not only add value at each phase of IT system development and management that leads to enhanced application quality, reduced time to market but also lower the total cost of ownership. We provide quality solutions as well as support on all your problems that are centred around software testing. Our focus is mainly on our customer needs, ensuring that we get the best quality software for them and thereby enhancing overall experience.

To meet the unique business needs of our customers we use up-to-date tools and techniques to execute quality checklist within the specified time-frame and delivery date. Our Testing Strategy has a good mix of both manual and automation methods of software testing. Here at Trivialworks professional testers put mobile, web and desktop applications to the test on real devices.

We take immense joy in being a testing-centric company providing wholesome options in software testing and quality assurance services to our clients. We are experts and ensure that your application is free from issues. We want the users to have an extremely friction free experience. Our QA testing solutions encompasses well-defined strategy building high end-to-end qualitative products. Our enormous effort extracts great solutions making an application extremely interesting as well as object-oriented.


Functional Testing

Functional Testing is mainly focussed on testing the software and mobile applications to deliver the user expectations. We help to identify critical functional and UX related defects as early as possible in the development cycle. Since we are aware of the fact that eventually everything depends on the functionality, so it must be quality tested.

Automation Testing

Testing saves time in a product’s overall life cycle. But when faced with tight pressures and deadlines, thorough testing is often sacrificed! One way that can ensure thorough testing from start to finish is to AUTOMATE tests. Software tools execute pre-scripted tests on a software application before it is released to production, ensuring the high-quality outcome.

Performance Testing

When subjected to continuous use, sudden spike, sustained load and the volume, Applications often experience performance degradation in production environment. Such problems occurring in the production environment are very costly and can impact revenue as well as hamper your brand value. Our testing services help you in understanding an application performance by simulating the production scenario on test servers before releasing it to the production.

Usability Testing

Usability Testing implies with evaluating a product or service by testing it with representative users. This includes testing User Interfaces (UI) & User Experience (UX) and ensures easiness & convenience in using a software application from a user’s point of view. We use techniques in user- centred interaction design and evaluate a product by testing it on users.

Localization Testing

This testing is mainly focussed on checking whether an application, website or any other device is in complete accordance with the culture and language for the users that are using them. This can include changes in a user interface design or maybe the initial setting in accordance with the user requirements.

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