UI/UX Design

UI/UX Development that’s more About than just a Color Palette

In today’s globalized competition, the success or failure of a product is largely dependent on its positive User Experience. In current scenario various new products are launched in market every day, so we need to implement new growth strategies as per the changing customer needs, new add-ons services come into action and implementation all this and more happen focusing on the ultimate delight of the growing USER populace. So, UI/UX Design plays a vital role to get user friendly application as well as user attraction, user attention and user retention.

We know very well that providing “Designer User Experience” to someone who would be using the design developed by you is not all that easy as you won’t be there to guide or go with them all the time. This alone is the reason we sincerely feel that a design should not only be easy to use but also self-explanatory along with being intuitive. It is importantly believed as the most challenging part for mobile apps as different size and resolutions of gadgets available in the market. UI/UX Design is inevitable in initiating user attraction, holding user attention and leading user to action stage.

Trivial Works is an award-wining Web and Mobile App design and Development Company specialized in creating user-centred UI designs. We adopt meticulous and structured process right from blueprints, wireframes, prototypes and design page mock-ups to infuse life into designs. At Trivial Works, you get comprehensive user interface design solutions specialized in Web/Desktop/Mobile User Interface (UI/UX) design and development and visual design services. Our team of dedicated professional UI / UX Designers and Specialists create visually stunning, functional and user-friendly designs

Our intelligent UI designs therefore combine efficient usability engineering, inspirational interaction design such as gesture and voice control, extraordinary design quality and emotionality with functionality and product design. That way, we create products with value and joy which come up to your company’s standards and goals as well as your brand’s image.

We believe in developing designs that revolve around the user of the design. As a responsible UX Design Company, we take into considerations the problems faced by the user to make life easier for the person using our design. The first and foremost question asked by us “Are the design developed by us able to fill the gaps for the User”? This question we raise as we genuinely feel that User experience (UX) starts neither from technology, nor from visuals but from gap. At the time of designing the User Interface, we believe in making use of the four principles of Visual, Motor, Memory and Intellect to make sure that there is no load on all these four elements as it might cause difficulties for the User to make use of the application.

Trivial works helps brands design aesthetically functional user interfaces. We focus on meeting the actual needs of our end users through validation and testing. It also eliminates clutter and paving the path for a delightful User Experience. Here we believe in taking iterative/agile approach that doesn’t require client to define the product from the start. We aim at providing UX design services that trigger customer retention and user engagement on your digital products.



Setting a plan on how to go ahead with a design is much more crucial than setting timelines. Having a detailed and structured plan is what the design process encompasses. Our creative team gets the design requirement, sets the objectives and lays the foundation for further proceedings. Our designers and developers along with the Creative Directors brainstorms together, through different situations and comes up with an out-of-the-box solution.


UI/UX Design process starts with by diving into a simple how and why. Every project is unique and therefore our UI/UX design. We work closely with our partner to grasp specification and objectives. Once we know what you want from an application, we research the market and create insights which help us craft the right User Experience with clear differentiators from the competition.


Wireframes ensures every visual element are present in right order. We create high fidelity wireframes and further link it with templates and prototypes. We create wireframes making interactions of the user in each of the screens to meet user goals.


The design process is initiated as the front-end development and proper integration support is processed. Our technical team with right skills will ensure that your front end is built without compromising the design and technical aspects by keeping the right balance on both.

UI Development

We provide beautiful and innovative UI/UX by focusing on the aesthetics and giving attention to the details while working on visual elements by choosing right mix of colours, icons, shapes, textures etc. The experts carve the HTML/CSS to develop the customized website structure and simultaneous periodical validation.

Test & Launch

Usability testing with right users is the key for any user centric product. So, we encourage in identifying any usability problems by collecting qualitative and quantitative data. Multiple iterations are performed to ensure quality. The creative aesthetic design is now ready with effusively designed website.

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