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Digitalization is transforming sports and fitness industry with Virtual Reality, Automated Reality, 360 video technologies, IoT are becoming more relevant leading to increased data collection and athlete information through product intelligence.

Digitalization is the future and the biggest driver of growth in the sports and gaming industry. The apps marketplaces are flooded with games using VR, AR and 360 video technologies. The application of IoT in gaming is becoming more relevant now. Mobile platforms are dominating the games industry as more innovations emerge in the handset segment and with more people spending more time and money every year consuming content – both the games and bets - on their smartphones and tablets.

The gaming industry has been growing massively; much of the growth is coming from growth in overall gaming audiences. Digital games, which were previously limited to consoles or the PC, have become widely accessible on smartphones and tablets, reaching well over a billion of people worldwide. Digital innovation for sport is encouraging physical activity & Performance & Injury prevention. It has led to increased data collection and athlete information through products intelligence (Internet of Things).

Trivial Works combines its domain expertise in gaming with technical know-how to deliver best gameplay experience to gamers. Whether it be high quality, real-time intense graphics-based games, mind-benders'; we deliver. We provide end-to-end services for all of your gaming and sporting development needs.

Digital Transformation for Sports
& Fitness Industry
  Mobile Game Designing
  Mobile AR and VR Solutions
  Sports Betting Software
  Sportsbook Integration
  Sports Analytics and Athlete Performance
  E- learning Games
  Gym management Suite
  Mobile Game Analytics
  Fitness Mobile app
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