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Trivialworks help you to develop custom, fast, secure and reliable Blockchain Applications by leveraging our expertise in Ethereum and Hyperledger, ICO, Wallet Development and Blockchain based Apps.

The blockchain is undeniably an ingenious invention, a decentralized database hosted by millions of computers simultaneously, and as its data is accessible to anyone on the internet there is no single version that exists for a hacker to corrupt. Blockchain development will undoubtedly be an important part of the future, as it has the possibility to completely change the way we treat our interactions online.

Features of Blockchain Technology
Block: Each individual 'block' in the blockchain is made up of computer code that contains data and can be programmed to represent anything, the most popular usage at the moment is cryptocurrency.
Chain:The 'chain' is the encryption that securely connects all of the blocks. This blockchain is then stored on a distributed ledger which is stored on thousands of computers throughout the world simultaneously.

Types of Blockchain

Public Blockchain
No access restrictions
Works on Consensus Protocol
Open participants & validators
Private Blockchain
Access based on invitations
Participants & validators access restricted
Consortium Blockchain
Limited node execute consensus protocol
Why Trivialworks Solutions for Blockchain Development?
Decentralized Ledger: It is an open and decentralized ledger system which is transparent and can be verified. Here, an unchangeable record with a write once, read many types of database holds every transaction made.
Cryptographically Secure: Blockchain applies the concept of cryptography and digital signature resulting in a secured and more accountable transactions.
Shared: As blockchains are shared further, they gain more and more value. The level of security and streamlining of process improves with the number of organizations participating in it.
Distributed: The more the number of duplicate records the more secured the ledger becomes.
Permissioned:The members on the blockchain network have access privileges and the information can be shared with them as the need to know basis.
Incorruptible: Even system administrators cannot delete the transactions. The consent is required from the members on the network. In addition, the transactions are permanently recorded.
Cost Reduction: Blockchain can reduce operating cost by one-third in the banking payments and other financial infrastructure costs according to reports. As a result of the cost optimization, profits will enhance.
How Blockchain Helps Businesses?
Value Creation: Organisations must strive for improvements in new processes and opportunities in a value-driven global economy. Blockchain helps in creating optimized business models.
Cryptographically Secure: Blockchain applies the concept of cryptography and digital signature resulting in a secured and more accountable transactions.
Efficient Ecosystem: Blockchain Technology streamlines transactions and other business processes with suppliers, partners, contractors, and more importantly with the customers.
Risk Management: The risk of transactional manipulations is reduced due to its property of distributed, permissioned and incorruptible blockchain technology.
Our Blockchain Development Offerings
Hyperledger Development: We help businesses to procure advantages of improved performance, enhanced scalability, protection of critical information and digital keys through Hyperledger development for Finance, Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, etc. It allows for easy access via the Blockchain technology.
Decentralized Blockchain App Development: We specialize in building decentralized Blockchain applications addressing the aspects of security and privacy of shared data, data exchange standardization, consensus management and business process re-alignment.
POC Development: We build relative mock-ups testing ideas in real business scenarios to identify gaps and test functionalities of the project.
Smart Contract Development: Our experts help develop secure and proficient Smart Contract Code that automates the execution of processes in Ethereum and Hyperledger.
Private Blockchain Development: Develop and implement a private, permissioned Blockchain to address client’s specific business requirements utilizing cryptography to store data that cannot be changed on a distributed ledger.
Cryptocurrency Development: We develop customized Cryptocurrency Platforms to build custom cryptocurrency which can be utilized for cryptocurrency-based projects.
Wallets Development: We develop decentralized and secure desktop and mobile wallets for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Altcoins.
Solidity: We build Ethereum based applications and smart contracts written in a language named Solidity used to execute smart contracts in any Blockchain.
Why Trivial Works for Blockchain Development?

Our technology experts enable clients experience the smooth implementation of Blockchain thereby enhancing the overall functionality and security of business applications. We use custom development modules, that can be easily customized depending on the client’s specific requirements and preferences.

Trivial Works leverages the power of Blockchain technology and create a network where data-based transactions are reliable, can be verified and traced.

Key Benefits of Utilizing Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology offers a single source of information which is completely transparent. If any member using the network attempts to change a block, then every other user of that network is able to see precisely where the change has happened and are able to determine whether the change was authorized or not.

The information stored on the blockchain is completely tamper proof. For example, the distributed ledger is shared across 4,000 computers and an individual wanted to change some information that was recorded in one of the blocks and remain undetected. Then it would be necessary for them to hack all 4,000 of the computers that host the distributed ledger, which indeed would be an extremely tedious task.

Industrial Applications of Blockchain
Healthcare: Healthcare: The clinical data across hospitals and allied medical institutions enable patients to control their data and increase the quality of care to patients.
Banks & Financial Institution: Banking and financial institutions have improved customer satisfaction due to the security and trustful features of blockchain technology.
Insurance: The insurance industry is revolutionized due to the incorruptible nature of the data, which ensures transparency in the system.
Retail: The retail industry is completely reliant on inventory control, operations management and consumer satisfaction.
Government: The blockchain ensures the data of citizens are secure, protected and accurate to maintain trust in the government.
Supply Chain & Automotive: Blockchain allows smooth mobility adding traceability and secure financial transactions. The automation reduces human errors in the supply chain process.
Travel & Transportation: The blockchain reduces fraud, increase operational efficiency and ensure faster transactions for passengers.
Media & Entertainment: A system of assurance is built around digital content with blockchain’s unchangeable, secure and trustful network.
Agriculture: Blockchain provides transparent tracking of agricultural products from growth to consumption.
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