Telecom & Engineering Solutions

IT is the very core of today's telecommunications industry. Today, the challenge for telecoms is to poise the ever-increasing need for urbane IT with the need to keep IT costs practical.

The Engineering & Telecom industry today is driven by agile players, who are bound to deliver and drive quicker product innovation to market cycles, and stay afloat in this fiercely competitive market. It is challenging to ensure organizational skills keep pace with changing technology, drive costs down, improve quality and accelerate time-to-market.

TrivialWorks leverages its rich experience and expertise in telecommunications domain to provide high-performance solutions that help you stay relevant in this rapidly changing industry. Our solutions will help you add extra value to your product and service offerings thus helping with customer base retention and expansion.

Some of our key solutions for Cellular Telecom providers include Remote Monitoring of Field Engineers, Productivity enhancement tools, and Automation of Engineering tools with the help of Smartphone sensors, Geofencing, Customer relationship management, stakeholder relationship management and wide range of telecommunication services.

Digital Transformation for Telecom Enterprises
  Tools for Aligning Cellular Telecom Towers
  Telecom Tower Maintenance & Fabrication Management
  Field Engineers Reporting System
  Integration with IoT devices
  Softphone, VoIP, SIP based applications
  Integration & Protocol development for BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) devices
  Billing, Quote Management & Notifications
  Geofencing, Geopositioning and GeoTracking Solutions
  Remote tracking of Resources (IP Camera, RFID Tags, GeoTracking)
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