Making the Machines learn to Scale up your Business via Machine Learning!

Leverage the advantages of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Tensor Flow & IoT to boost the success of your business. Interpret your complex data effortlessly, identify trends, analyze patterns that promote the quality of your business.

Machine Learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that enables Software Applications to solve problems that are unstructured in nature. Machine learning solutions allows systems to access data and adapt through experience that is built on algorithms which can receive input data and use statistical analysis. This new generation of Software automates machine learning predictive analytics model building and is often categorized as both supervised and unsupervised. Considered more effective than any other predictive modelling technique, machine learning solutions enables various applications from data encoding, classification, prediction, identification, etc.

Over the past decade, Machine Learning is used as a service helping enterprises solve business level challenges. From Google’s predictive search to Facebook’s automatic photo tagging to face and speech recognition on Smartphones, business intelligence, machine translation, medical diagnosis, network security and Internet of Things – the use of Machine Learning as a service has taken leaps and bounds to transforming today’s world.

Today, users have been increasingly interacting with the computers by talking to them through Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and now Google’s Assistant. Microsoft, Facebook, Google and Baidu have been processing various forms of language and machine translation. Now, image recognition has reached far beyond Social apps. Medical companies are paving their way to accurately read MRIs, CT scans and X-rays and accelerating the search for life saving pharmaceuticals. This all have been made possible due to the deep neural networks of Machine Learning solutions.

At Trivial Works, we believe that Machine Learning is not merely for consumer apps that is why we are help our clients to leverage this technology to become an intelligent enterprise. By automating the processes and setting priorities on routine decision making combined with driving process automation by means of advanced algorithms, we are making the way for innovative business models and services which can be utilized for Machine Learning.

By removing the possibility of human error, Machine Learning solutions enable us to shift the traditional rule-based processes to more intelligent ones that enable the discovery of new unstructured data sets and patterns.

We help in infusing continuous intelligence in your enterprise processes that can dramatically improve your productivity. Our expert team Analyse the Machine Learning requirements of your company, provide highly skilled resources that determine the Machine Learning models, Integrate and design solutions that revolve around online Machine Learning services. We have expertise and experience in using as well as optimizing some of the most high-performance neural network frameworks and engines including TensorFlow. Machine Learning technique helps to solve large range problems across various industries. We serve the platforms and Services that include IBM Watson and Amazon AWS.

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